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Over 35 years of experience in providing store fixtures of every variety to businesses in Illinois and Indiana.



One Call Supplies It All

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You can request a FREE store drawing. We're a turnkey operation - we'll provide all the fixtures that you need and that is guaranteed.

Whatever products you need for your gas station or convenience store, we can sell them to you! In addition, we have an excellent repair and replacement service.


Some of the products we offer include: floral coolers, custom casework, price tags, price label guns, ice merchandisers, glass display cases and doors, counter displays, ice machines, cooler doors and shelving, reach-in coolers, ice cream cabinets, deli cases, fast food centers, convenience store supplies, cash drawers, security mirrors, bullet resistant glass systems, custom check-out counters, aluminum stock room doors, boots/seating, gondola and wall shelving, and walk-in coolers and freezers.

Everything you need for the ideal gas station or convenience store

• Cleaning of up to 2 condensers in 1 cooler/refrigeration system

• Cleaning of up to 2 HVAC condensing units

• Cleaning of up to 2 condensers in self-contained equipment, plus checks for proper

  mechanical operation.

• Full check of heating and air systems for proper mechanical operation and lubrication if needed

• 15% discount on additional equipment

• 15% discount on additional heating, plumbing and electrical calls through our parent company,

  Maglish HVAC.

• Service on all units that we have installed

• Quick response to on-site repair requests

• Cleaning of evaporators

• Removal and replacement of air filters in heating and air systems, plus belts if needed.

One vendor to handle it all

Starting or setting up your gas station or convenience store involves many details. One of the benefits of working with Illiana Displays is that we can help you get everything set up! We work throughout Illinois and Indiana and you can take advantage of our maintenance programs for your refrigeration units.

Maintenance program features:

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